Rare 'Pokemon' Box Set Sells For Nearly $70,000 At Auction

Pokémon is more than just a franchise to some. To die-hard collectors, the series has become [...]

Pokémon is more than just a franchise to some. To die-hard collectors, the series has become their life's mission, and there is no amount of money they wouldn't drop on a must-buy item. And, in a recent auction, one dedicated fan proved they'll do what it takes to catch 'em all.

You know, even if that means dropping $70,000 on a set of Pokémon cards.

Over the weekend, Huggins & Scott Auctions went live with one enviable sale, and it brought in lots of Pokémon fans. The company began bids on a rare 1999 Pokémon 1st Limited-Edition Printing booster box which hadn't been opened. The valuable set was one of the first to be printed in English, and it sold for a whopping $68,880 on Friday.

"It is understandable then that the offered 1999 Pokémon 1st Edition Limited Printing (English) Base Set unopened booster box will garner significant bidding interest and has boundless "crossover" appeal. Fans of the franchise and casual observers will immediately understand the importance of this sealed box. After two years of no reported sales, an October 2017 internet auction garnered a confirmed sale of $54,000," Huggins & Scott Auctions wrote about the lot.

"This tightly sealed container has been in the possession of our consignor since release decades ago. Despite a ding to one corner on the display box (the shrink wrap does not conform to the corner, proving the container has been unsearched and is not re-wrapped), the remainder of the box presents as when produced pre-millennium."

Of course, plenty of fans are balking at the price of this special auction. There is a lot you can buy for $70,000 and Pokémon is definitely one of them. Still, this auction isn't the priciest one to hit the trading card game. Back in May 2014, an ultra-rare "Pikachu Illustrator" card went up for sale and sold for a staggering $90,000 alone. Other rare Pokemon cards have been known to bring in some serious money such as Charizard's Shadowless Holographic First Edition piece or Pre-release Raichu. So, if you think you've got any gems in your attic, now is the time to scope out what you kept from your childhood.

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