Pokemon Is Now Selling 4-Foot Inteleon Plush

Pokemon knows a thing or two about making massive plushes, and it seems one of Galar's best additions is about to learn that for themselves. After all, The Pokemon Center has announced a special gift for Inteleon. The water-type evolution is getting a massive plush for collectors, and it will stand at over 4-feet tall.

The news went live today in Japan as its Pokemon Center website updated a new offering for fans. For just $120 USD, fans can purchase a four-feet plushie of Inteleon. Pre-orders are available right now with packages estimated to ship out in January 2023. And of course, this adorable plush will be posable thanks to its articulated joints.

As you can see above, a slew of photos were released of the big plush, and they show Inteleon posing in all sorts of positions. Whether sitting or standing, this lanky item will be a must-have for Pokemon lovers. It is only a matter of time until fans start dressing the evolution in different outfits, and given the Pokemon's spy aesthetic, we think a James Bond look would suit Inteleon well.

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Currently, no word has been given on whether this plush will be sold in the United States. Fans are hopeful though given how many life-size plushes have made their way stateside. From Lucario to Arcanine, a slew of massive Pokemon plushes hit the market in the last year, and there are more on the way. Not long ago, reports confirmed Spheal was getting their own massive plushie, and Inteleon plans to follow the rotund monster to shelves. 

Would you ever consider nabbing a Pokemon plush this size? Which monsters need their own life-sized doll? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.