Pokemon Trading Card Packs Are Coming as Halloween Treats

You can be the most popular house during Trick or Treat season by giving away Pokemon cards instead of candy. The Pokemon Company has announced it will make special Trick or Trade BOOster Bundles for the Pokemon Trading Card Game, which can be purchased starting in September at grocery stores and retailers. Each bundle contains 40 mini-booster packs containing three Pokemon cards, each of which features a "spooky" Pokemon like Zubat, Gengar, Pumpkaboo, Mimikyu and Polteageist. Each card is a reprint but contains a special Pikachu pumpkin stamp on the card. At least one rare card – Mewtwo – was confirmed for the pack. These mini-booster packs are meant to be given out as an alternative to candy during neighborhood Trick or Treat activities, and provide a perfect first taste of the Pokemon Trading Card Game. 

Halloween is one of the more important holidays for the Pokemon franchise, and The Pokemon Company confirmed that it will have plenty more Halloween celebrations to come. This year, The Pokemon Company will launch a new interactive website focused on seasonal entertainment and merchandise, with Halloween being the first celebration. The Pokemon Company will also launch a line of Halloween products that include decor, plushes, and more. That collection will likely be released in the coming weeks, as Halloween isn't that far away. 

The Pokemon Company is gearing up for some big changes, with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet on the way. The new Pokemon games are not only the first "open world" Pokemon games, they will also introduce a brand new region and brand new Pokemon. The games are also the first to include multiplayer functionality beyond battling and trading. The games will also lead to a new series of Pokemon cards, incorporating the new characters and Pokemon into the game along with the likely addition of new mechanics.