Pokemon Cosplay Armors Up With Knight Charizard

Among all the different pocket monsters that have appeared in the adventures of Ash Ketchum and the other trainers of the fictional anime world, Charizard remains one of the most popular to this day and one cosplayer imagined what a fusion between the evolution of Charmander and an armored night might look like! With the current goal for Ash Ketchum in the episodes of the new anime series Pokemon Journeys revolving around defeating the Champion of Galar, Leon, and his Charizard, expect the larger than life lizard to make a big splash in future episodes of the anime once again.

Charizard hasn't just been a big part of the anime since debuting alongside the over one hundred and fifty other pocket monsters in Generation One in the video games of Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue, but has also transitioned to the world of live action with Detective Pikachu. In the film from Warner Bros Entertainment, Charizard is wielded by an underground Pokemon trainer that attempts to throw a monkey wrench into the plans of our titular electric rodent and his human companion, Tim Goodman, as they attempt to discover the whereabouts of Tim's father. With his popularity not having waned for years, we fully expect Charizard to remain one of the most recognizable pocket monsters from the first generation of the series!

Instagram Cosplayer TimberCosplay shared this unique interpretation of what a fusion might look like between the Pokemon of Charizard and a knight that existed eons ago, doing an impressive job of taking the armor and giving it a distinctive fire Pokemon aesthetic:

Though we don't know specifically when Ash will test his skills as a trainer against Leon and his Charizard, who first appeared in the Nintendo Switch video game of Pokemon Sword And Shield, we definitely expect it to be one of the biggest Pokemon battles that have taken place in the franchise!

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