Pokemon Cosplay Is Ready For Action With Sirfetch'd

Pokemon Sword And Shield introduced fans to the Galar Region, a new area that is chock full of [...]

Pokemon Sword And Shield introduced fans to the Galar Region, a new area that is chock full of wild areas and new iterations of old favorites, with one of the most popular new creations being Sir Fetch'd, the evolved form of Far Fetch'd, as one fan has demonstrated with new Cosplay for the grass-type Pokemon wielding a sword and shield of its own. Having appeared in the latest season of the television series, Pokemon Journeys, Sir Fetch'd remains one of the biggest new additions to the roster introduced within the Galar Region and will have a big future in the series.

Pokemon Journeys has been putting Ash and Goh through the wringer during their journey around the world, with the pair of trainers attempting to add the most powerful Pokemon they can find to round out their respective rosters. When the pair found themselves battling against the trainers of Galar, they realized that their dream of defeating Leon was going to be far more difficult than they realized, even with Ketchum's recent win in the Alola League. With Ash recently starting a battle against his former travel companion in Iris, it's clear that they still have a long way to go until they can make the attempt to become the new champions of the Galar Region.

Instagram Cosplayer A-Ka-Ki-O-Ga shared this insanely impressive take on Sirfetch'd, one of the most popular new additions to the lore of Pokemon since setting his webbed toes on the environment of the Galar Region within the latest entry of the video game franchise in Sword And Shield:

Pokemon has over nine hundred creatures that have helped make the series rise in popularity, with many of these beasts being evolved versions of the monsters themselves. With Sirfetch'd, the Fighting-type pocket monster still hilariously uses plants for its weaponry but has modeled them into a sword and shield, making him the perfect addition to the latest video game. Ash was able to procure a Sirfetch'd himself in the anime thanks to his Farfetch'd evolving.

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