Pokemon Sword and Shield Player Discovers Hidden Feature Many Players Missed

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield have been out on the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite for nearly two years, yet there are still features many players had no clue exist. For example, do you know what happens when you click the left stick down on the Joy-Con whilst checking the summary of any given Pokemon? It does an animation. This is of course a small feature, but it's one many players had no clue existed.

On of the top posts over on the Pokemon Sword and Shield Reddit page right now is a user pointing this out with an accompanying video showing off Obstagoon's animation, which includes leaping at the player in 3D-like fashion. According to the poster, they had no clue this feature existed, and were thus caught off guard when it happened.

In the comments, many other users -- who are presumably amongst the game's hardcore base considering they are still playing the game and using the game's Reddit page -- revealed they had no clue this feature existed after hours of playing the game. Meanwhile, a few others revealed they were also scared by it the first time it happened to them.

This feature isn't the only thing making the rounds within the Pokemon community. This week a discovery was made about the Isle of Armor expansion that left many players stunned. And this happens with each Pokemon game. Years after they release, players discover oddities and features that many had no clue existed. Unfortunately, this probably won't happen with this year's Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl releases given that they are simply remakes of two pre-existing games.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are available via the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite. For more coverage on the pair of games and all things Pokemon, click here or check out the relevant links below:


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