Pokemon Fans Uncover Possible Scrapped Popcorn Monster

Pokemon has well over 800 pocket monsters at this point, and the tally is sure to keep rising. The franchise will soon welcome new Pokemon when Generation 8 goes live, but more could have made the list way back when. After all, The Pokemon Company has had to reject some creatures before they even got started, and fans may have met one such character this week.

Over on Twitter, Pokemon historian Dr. Lava got fans excited when he posted a drawing done by a revered staffer. According to the fan, the artwork was penned by Muneo Saito, and it a design he did back in 2014 for a creature. And as you can see below, the Popcorn Monster would have made for an excellent Pokemon.

"Muneo Saitō -- a PKMN designer most famous for creating Gen 2's Legendary Beasts -- published these creature designs in 2014," Dr. Lava shared.

"Saitō described them as monsters he created for a game, but didn't end up getting used. He didn't specify whether or not it was one of the Pokemon games."

As you can see, the creature penned by Saito has a clear evolutionary chain featuring four stops. The first is little more than a kernel of corn while the second sees the seed blossom. As the third evolution, the plant gets an upgrade thanks to one wise mustache, and the final evolution proves how perfect this Popcorn Monster is. After all, the creature turns into a floating kernel with a goal of fluffy popcorn on its head.


While there is no telling whether this design was meant for Pokemon or not, but Dr. Lava has fans eager to welcome such a delicious-looking pocket monster. With the Galar region set to introduce delights like Alcrmie, there is little the franchise cannot do, and this Popcorn Monster would be a welcome addition to the Pokemon canon.

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