Pokemon Evolutions Debuts First Poster

Pokemon as an anime series has given fans over one thousand episodes from its main series alone, and with the success of the recent Pokemon: Twilight Wings anime mini-series, it's no surprise to see the franchise that made the likes of Pikachu, Charmander, and Bulbasaur is once again creating a new entry with Pokemon Evolutions. With the announcement of a new series, Evolutions has revealed a brand new poster that gives fans a better look at the spinoff series that will travel through the ages of the universe that brought the likes of Ash Ketchum and company to life.

Pokemon Evolutions revealed a brand new trailer, along with the new poster earlier this week, spanning the past of the anime franchise and hinting at the adventures that we'll see in the upcoming spin-off. While the trailer mostly gave screen time to the current champion of the Galar Region, Leon, and other characters that were introduced in the latest Nintendo Switch Pokemon game, Pokemon: Sword & Shield, it seems as if the spin-off won't hesitate to explore the ages of the franchise.

The new poster released for the anime series can be seen below:

Pokemon Evolutions
(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

If you missed the original trailer for this new Pokemon anime, you can see it below thanks to the Official Pokemon Twitter Account:

Pokemon had also listed a new description for the spin-off that aired along with the trailer:


"An original anime titled Pokemon Evolutions will commemorate Pokemon's 25th anniversary [this year] and be released on Youtube. Its story spans eight episodes and is set in each region that has appeared in Pokemon so far!"

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