Pokemon Kicks Off the Summer With Free Lapras Floaties

With the first generation of Pokemon, fans were introduced to over one hundred and fifty pocket monsters via the Nintendo Gameboy games of Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue. While decades have passed since these initial releases and hundreds of additional Pokemon have been introduced, fans of the initial batch of Pokemon can now get their own free Lapras floaties to hold their favorite drinks over the summer season thanks to The Pokemon Center.  

Ash did catch a Lapras of his own earlier on in the animated series, though as is the case with most of Ketchum's roster over time, it didn't make his current rotation which he has used to become one of the Masters 8. With the World Coronation Series set to determine who is the strongest trainer in the world today and Ash having a legitimate shot of achieving his dream at an incredibly young age, perhaps Ketchum will employ the use of his Lapras once again as Pokemon Journeys has featured a large number of reunions over the course of its one hundred plus episodes.

The Pokemon Center revealed the big giveaway on its Official Twitter Account, informing fans of Pokemon that should they make a purchase with the outlet, they will receive two Lapras floaties that can hold drinks while also floating above the water much like it has throughout the anime series and the video games in which the first generation Pokemon has appeared:

For decades, Ash Ketchum has been the star of the Pokemon anime series, with many fans wondering if the television show will pass off the reins of the series to a new young trainer. With Goh being presented as a trainer that hails from the same hometown as Ash and capturing some powerful Pokemon while attempting to learn more about the ancient pocket monster known as Mew, Ketchum's right-hand man seems like a good fit if the current protagonist accomplishes his dream of becoming the greatest trainer in the world.

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