Pokemon Journeys Confirms Its Returning Alola Characters

Pokemon Journeys has kept fans on their toes with all of its unusual missions. The season did promise fans it would be unlike any before it, and Pokemon has stuck to the promise. Nowadays, fans are hyped as they know Ash has a trip to Alola on his schedule, and many wanted to know if he would meet up with his friends from Pokemon School...

And as it turns out, the answer is yes! Pokemon Journeys will make good on its promise in another big way next week. The show is slated to revisit Alola in a matter of days, and a new synopsis confirms all the returning characters from Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon.

Thanks to AnipokeFandom on Twitter, fans can check out the full cast list for episode 37. Not only are Ash and Goh present as usual, but a slew of Alolan legends are as well. This list includes Lillie, Gladion, Kukui, Burnet, Mallow, Lana, Sophocles, and Kiawe.

Clearly, Pokemon Journeys has decided to go all-out with this big Alola reunion. Fans are surprised to see some of these names on the cast list, and by that, fans are shocked by the mention of Lillie and Gladion. After all, the pair ended up traveling similarly to Ash at the end of Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon. This means their part in this upcoming episode may be a flashback. But for now, fans are simply happy to see most (if not all) of the Alola gang will get back together in this much-awaited episode.

Are you hyped for this big Pokemon comeback? Who else does Ash need to reunite with during this latest series? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.