Pokemon Journeys Promo Teases Ash's Encounter with a Farfetch'd

Pokemon Journeys has been all about the Galar region as of late, and fans are here for it. While the show does follow Ash as he travels around the world, there is something about the Galar region that has got fans hooked. It seems the team behind the anime has heard the call as Pokemon Journeys has a new episode coming out about the locale, and it will pit Ash Ketchum against a very familiar friend.

The official page for Pokemon Journeys posted the promo over on Twitter today. The update shows a Farfetch'd hanging out on a bridge leading to a town in Galar. But thanks to the region, this Pokemon looks nothing like the Farfetch'd that fans have seen before, and that is all thanks to its variant form.

"What is a regional form? Even amongst the same Pokemon, their appearance differs depending on where they were born and raised. In the 27th episode, Farfetch'd appears. Check out its crisp form and soft, long leek," the still's caption reads.

As you can see above, Farfetch'd looks different here given its darker color palette and furrowed brows. The Pokemon has its eyes slanted as it reaches a wing out almost as if to challenge whoever is in front of it. The form completes itself with a giant leek that is far larger than any we've seen regular Farfetch'd carry around... and that is because this veggie acts as a weapon.


There is no doubt that Ash will be thrilled by this discovery, so you know he will want to battle it. However, Farfetch'd is not a pushover in the Galar region. To keep predators at bay, the Pokemon's Galarian variants are tough to the bone, and they will strike at Ash hard if it means living to see another day!

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