New Pokemon Journeys Opening Teases Ash or Goh Getting an Aerodactyl

Pokemon Journeys: The Series recently launched a brand new opening theme sequence, and it revealed that either Ash Ketchum or Goh would be adding an Aerodactyl to their team. Episode 32 of the series recently made its debut in Japan, and with it came a remixed opening. Rather than changing the opening theme completely it is a new version of the first opening theme, "1.2.3.," that is now performed by Takanori Nishikawa (who also performs under the pseudonym of T.M. Revolution) and Golden Bomber's Sho "Kirisho" Kiryuin rather than the previous group, After The Rain. This remixed theme came with a new sequence.

The new opening features a ton of familiar faces from the Galar region making their debut in the anime soon, and it even includes some major changes to Ash Ketchum and Goh's Pokemon teams. One scene in particular sees the two of them battle with their two line ups. This fight includes the additions you would expect to see, but there's one Pokemon in particular that stands out for a number of obvious reasons.

During a brief few seconds, Pikachu is seen launching a powerful Thunderbolt, and surprisingly Aerodactyl is seen flying around it. Now this could be Ash's Aerodactyl training with Pikachu, but it will most likely belong to Goh instead. Seeing as how Goh's line up begins battling Ash's, this is most likely a tease that the famous Fossil Pokemon will join Goh's team in a future episode. Here's an example as shared by @TheScarHero on Twitter:

The strange thing about this Aerodactyl is that it's not part of either Goh or Ash's Pokemon teams at the end of the opening. Instead, there are a few teases for Pokemon we don't see in the rest of the opening. So could this be a tease for something else? Will Aerodactyl actually

Are you excited to see one of the original Fossil Pokemon joining the main roster in Pokemon Journeys: The Series? Who do you think will get it, Ash or Goh? Which Pokemon are you hoping to see pop up in the rest of the season? What are your favorite moments of the new opening? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!