Pokemon Journeys Teases the Arrival of Gigantamax Gengar

Pokemon Journeys has been quiet for a bit, but the anime has simply been planning big things behind the scenes. As the show builds up to a new arc, fans are being treated to some solid one-off episodes. And thanks to a new report, fans have learned Gigantamax Gengar is on his way for the holiday season.

The update comes from Dephender, a well-known Pokemon source over on social media. It was there fans were told two new episode titles for Pokemon Journeys, and it turns out Christmas Eve will ring with help from Gigantamax Gengar and Ash Ketchum.

The report confirms the December 24th episode will be titled "Gengar Does Its Best! The Road to Gigantamax!". Pokemon Journeys will preface this episode with another spooky release on December 17th if the title "The Ghost Train Departs!" has something to say.

Clearly, fans are most excited for Gengar to get his moment, and nothing could be better than seeing the monster get to Gigantamax. The Pokemon fandom has been pushing for the opportunity since Ash caught the Ghost-type monster. Given how strong Gengar is, audiences know his Gigantamax form will be something special, so they are curious as to how the transformation will come about.

Up until now, Ash has done his best to give each of his new Pokemon the spotlight, and Gengar is definitely overdue. The monster wowed fans during his introductory arc, but as of late, Lucario has been the anime's main focus. It wasn't long ago that Pokemon Journeys gave Ash the chance to Mega Evolve his Lucario, and that moment was years in the making. So obviously, the anime is hoping to gift fans a holiday treat when Gengar gets his glow-up next month.

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