Pokemon Journeys Synopsis Forces Ash to Defend His Champion Title

One of the biggest story beats of the latest season of Pokemon's anime has been Ash Ketchum basking in the glow of his recent victory during the Alola Region Tournament, wherein the Pokemon trainer was finally able to score his first League championship. However, it seems that a new synopsis for an upcoming episode of Pokemon Journeys will see Ash attempting to continue his reign as champion of the region while also working towards his long-awaited encounter with Leon, the current champion of the Galar Region who has made a name for himself since he first appeared in Pokemon Sword And Shield.

Pokemon Journeys has done a great job of not only allowing Ash Ketchum to explore his new status as a Pokemon Champion, but it has also seen him grow in strength with the numerous powerful pocket monsters that he's been able to capture to add to his roster. Adding the likes of Gengar and Dragonite to his team, to name a few, the latest season has done a fantastic job of not only setting up major battles for Ash and his new friend Goh but revisit the many events and characters that have appeared in the series' past, giving fans several reunions that many thought would never take place.

Pokemon Ash Ketchum
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The official episode summary for Pokemon Journeys' 77th installment reads as such:

"Ash, who is participating in the Pokemon World Championships, is aiming for a battle with the strongest champion Leon, who once became the champion of the Alola Region. In front of Ash, who won the battle with his companion Iris and advanced to the hyper class and is currently in 99th place, is the Gym Leader of Nagia City, who met while traveling in the Sinnoh region and fought a fierce battle. It was the leader Denji. In a 3v3 battle, Ash challenges Zenryoku with a Z-ring against Denjo who waits for Ash with a powerful electric-type Pokemon such as Luxray. Denji, the strongest gym leader in the Sinnoh region, and Ash, the first champion of the Pokemon League in the Alola region, the whereabouts of a hyper-class battle where strong enemies gather are depicted."

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