Pokemon Goes Viral After Fan Coins the Dreaded 'Magikarp Kiss'

Pokemon is filled with so many good things, and despite pushback, Magikarp is one of them. The creature has been dunked on for years thanks to his floppy attitude and useless move set. In fact, some have gone as far as to say Magikarp is good for nothing, but that is just untrue. After all, the Pokemon has inspired a meme that has gone viral, so he is clearly good for something.

As reported by Sora News 24, a fan in Japan has gone viral for their latest take on Magikarp. The user nokochan1224 took to Twitter to muse on the elements of a good kiss. Of course, the topic of bad kisses came up, and the fan said the worst kiss possible is one she dubs the Magikarp Kiss.

And yes, there is a Pokemon diagram to illustrate the dreaded kiss. You can thank the artist for their, uh, in-depth artwork.

As you can see above, the artwork shows how the Magikarp Kiss goes. Of course, the person being kissed is not actually locking lips with a giant goldfish, but you can get the point. The reason the kiss got associated with Magikarp has to do with its awkward positioning and vain chemistry.

In fact, nokochan1224 says the kiss involves six points. You have been Magikarp Kissed if the person you're smooching has taken over your mouth with theirs. You also get a close-up view of their pursed lips coming into you, and it is physically involved. The kiss is also said to have lots of sticky saliva and leaves your lips sore from biting. Oh, and your shoulders feel bruised from being crushed in a vice grip.

There are definitely people who have had their share of bad kisses, so we all know someone who has been Magikarp Kissed. And if you experienced the lip-lock for yourself, then you need to save this Pokemon diagram for the next time you retell your ordeal to someone.


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