These Pokemon Wedding Rings Will Make Your Marriage Legendary

Just because Poké balls aren't required to capture the heart doesn't mean Pokémon can't be romantic, especially with these new engagement and wedding rings featuring the Pokémon Mew.

(Photo: U-Treasure)

The character-themed jewelry and accessory brand U-Treasure has come out with Mew engagement and wedding rings that are every bit as legendary as the Pokémon they feature. The engagement ring features a pink-gold Mew snuggled up against a diamond while the wedding band features only Mew's delicate tail. The engagement ring is available in both platinum and white gold versions for around $1000, while the women's wedding band costs around $900 additionally. Of course, it isn't just women who can have Mew make their wedding jewelry mythical. Men's wedding bands are available as well in the same metal choices for around $1000.

And it isn't just the Mew on the rings making these pieces of jewelry special. U-Treasure is presently running a special Pokemon Jewelry Fair both in person and online where if you buy a piece of Pokémon jewelry from now until June 26 you'll receive a free "Eevee and Friends" jewelry cloth to keep your ring sparkling.

(Photo: U-Treasure)

If the Mew wedding and engagement rings aren't quite your style, however, there are other romantic anime-inspired jewelry choices. Fans of Sailor Moon can now buy Usagi's special heart-shaped pink ring. Premium Bandai is making exact replicas of the one Mamoru used to propose to Sailor Moon complete with a heart-shaped pink box bearing the phrase "Let's get married, Usa" just like how Mamoru proposed. However, the Sailor Moon engagement ring will set you back a bit more than the mythical Mew jewel. The Sailor Moon ring comes in at $1480 with no option to purchase a separate wedding band.

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