'Pokemon's Next Movie to Remake 'Mewtwo Strikes Back'

The next Pokemon movie will be titled Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution and appears to be a remake of the first Pokemon movie ever made.

Pokemon the Movie: Everyone's Story is out today in Japan, and the movie ended with a teaser for the next movie. The teaser shows bubbles rising on the screen while a familiar voice recites the opening monologue from the first Pokemon movie. "What is this place?" the voice says. "Who am I?"

The teaser ends with a close-up of Mewtwo's face as the powerful Pokemon opens its eyes for the first time. Notably, fans pointed out that Mewtwo was animated using CGI instead of its more traditional look. While not confirmed, several fans believe that Mewtwo was voiced in the trailer by Masachika Ichimura, who played Mewtwo in the Japanese version of the first movie.

Mewtwo Strikes Back was the Japanese name of the first Pokemon movie, in which Mewtwo took his revenge on the humans who created and tortured him. Mewtwo lured several powerful trainers to a remote island and cloned their Pokemon, with plans to show that the cloned Pokemon were more powerful than their non-cloned counterparts.

The conflict ended only after Ash tried to stop a intense battle between Mewtwo and Mew and was transformed into stone as a result. The combined tears of Pikachu and Ash's other Pokemon brought Ash back to life and caused Mewtwo to reconsider his outlook on life.

What we don't know is whether Mewtwo Strikes Back will take place in the new rebooted movie continuity or in the continuity seen in the anime TV series. Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You showed a new version of Ash's journey from the very beginning, and Pokemon the Movie: Everyone's Story continued that trip with a journey into the Johto region. Logic would state that a remake of Mewtwo Strikes Back would exist in the new movie continuity, but stranger things have happened.

We'll have more details about the new movie as we get them. However, Pokemon fans should be hyped for a remake of what many consider to be the best Pokemon movie ever made.


(h/t PokeBeach)