A Mysterious Pokemon Bus Has Popped Up in London

The world of Pokemon has found its way into the real world time and time again, whether it be through merchandising, live action films, or attire, and it seems as if a mysterious bus that is painted to look like a Pokeball of which the origin is still unknown. With the latest season of the series featuring Ash Ketchum and his new friend Goh using their fair share of Pokeballs to catch some of the strongest pocket monsters that they've ever added to their rosters, the pair could certainly use a bus of their own to travel the world!

Many believe that this bus was created for a commercial that is being used for the Pokemon Card Game, one of the biggest aspects of the franchise outside of the anime and the video games that have been exclusive to Nintendo Consoles. Starting in 1996, The Pokemon Trading Card Game has sole over 30 billion cards to date, proving just how popular the anime franchise is to this day! Though the coronavirus pandemic has made it far more difficult for in-person tournaments to take place, the anime franchise continues to gain steam thanks in part to the latest anime season of Pokemon Journeys as well as the recently released Pokemon: Sword & Shield!

Reddit User Thohack shared this picture of the mystery bus that has a big logo for the Pokemon series written on the side of the vehicle, painted to look like the Pokeball that has been used for decades to capture the wandering pocket monsters around the different regions of this majestic anime world:

Interesting bus spotted in London this morning. from r/pokemon

In the latest episodes of Pokemon Journeys, Ash has been dealing with a big loss following his first championship in the Alola Region. Facing off against the Galar Region Gym Leader in Bea, Ketchum was unable to defeat the Pokemon trainer who specialized in body building pocket monsters, proving that Ash still has a way to go before he can challenge the current champion in Leon. With Ash and Go continuing to travel the world, having recently hit the Alola Region once again, it will definitely be interesting to see if Ketchum becomes the new champion of Galar!

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