New Pokemon Anime Shares First Synopses, Episode Titles

In just ten days, fans will meet the new face of Pokemon. The franchise is prepping for its release of Pokemon Sword and Shield at long last, but the series will not stop there. Shortly after the new games launch, an anime will be released in tandem which promises to reimagine the Pokemon Universe.

Now, it seems some new details about the anime have gone live for fans. A slew of episodes title and synopses have been released for Pokemon: The Series. The blurbs begin from the premiere slated for November 17 and runs out a month into December. A fan on Twitter known as AshandSerena translated the information for fans, and it reveals some big things are going to happen in Pokemon from day one.

Earlier this month, fans did get an update on the anime's premiere. A short teaser was released which revealed the opening will be told from Pikachu's perspective. Starting from the character's birth on, fans will learn how Pikachu came to be with Professor Oak before Ash chose him and how the starter adapted to his trainer in those early days.

The next week, fans will be treated to a different episode. "On Lugia They Go, Satoshi and Go!" Will follow Ash as he attends a laboratory opening in Kuchiba. However, things will go awry when Lugia appears before Ash and a new trainer known as Go.

The next week will see the release of "Fushigisou is Quite Mysterious, Don't You Think So?" The episode will see Ash and Go turn into full-on research fellows at the Sakuragi Laboratories where they are tasked to learn why so many Pokemon are marching around the city.

December 8 will welcome a huge shift as the show plans to head to the Galar region. The episode "Let's Go to the Galar Region! An Encounter with Hibanny!!" will see the boys learn about a secret power. After hearing rumors of Dynamaxing, they head to the Galar region where they meet a swath of Pokemon they've never seen before.


Clearly, Pokemon: The Series has a lot to offer fans, and it will not slow down with its reveals. In just three episodes, Ash will make a triumphant return home before recalling his past, meeting a new trainer, finding Lugia in the wild, and heading to an all-new region. Never before has Pokemon been this ambitious from the start, so here's to hoping this all-new series forges an impressive path for Ash and his friends.

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