Did You Know Pokemon Originally Created a Baby Evolution for Vulpix?

If you wanted, it seems like you could get a degree in Pokemon History. Over the last twenty year, the franchise has put out dozens of titles and countless pieces of merchandise. The history of Pokemon is rich to say the least, and Dr. Lava just reminded fans of something they very likely missed.

After all, Vulpix was initially created to have a pre-evolution, and fans are geeking out over how cute the monster looks.

Taking to Twitter, Dr. Lava showed off Vulpix's little-known history when it took Mikon to the stage. For those who do not know, leaked collection of Pokemon from the 1997 SpaceWorld demo included the first-ever image of Mikon, and Dr. Lava had plenty to say about the creature.

"Mikon was originally designed for Gen 1, but was cut due to lack of cartridge space. Mikon returned in G&S's 1997 demo, but ultimately ended up cut from Gen 2 as well," they explained.

"We got our first glimpse of Mikon sprites when G&S's Spaceworld '97 demo leaked in 2018. This early build of Gen 2 revealed that Mikon would have evolved into Vulpix at level 13, and also included its learnset."

For those of you curious, Mikon has a clever enough name. In Japanese, the name translates to 'Three Fox Barks' which makes sense given its evolution pattern. It also works out since Mikon has three tails compared to Vulpix's six and Ninetail's nine.


Given how popular Ninetail is, fans are surprised to find out about this massive piece of history which casual gamers might not have known. Now, fans are hopeful The Pokemon Company may revive its original plans for Mikon down the line because -- well -- it is hard to deny how adorable this baby evolution is.

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