Pokemon Star Explains How Series' New Anime Will Be Different

The upcoming Pokemon anime series is dropping just in time to coincide with the release of the white hot video game that is Pokemon: Sword and Shield. As both releases move closer, anticipation could not be higher and the more details the better for Poke-fans looking to learn as much as they can about Ash Ketchum's new adventure. Recently, the Japanese voice actress for Ash, Rica Matsumoto, confirmed that Gou will be the only prominent co-star for the upcoming anime, making for a departure from the previous Pokemon seasons.

Twitter User Rad_Dudesman shared the excerpt from Rica as she laid out the fact that Gou would be Ketchum's only right hand man, not leaving room for the likes of Misty or Brock to join in one their world travelling adventures in the early installments of the latest season of Pokemon:

This will definitely make for a departure from the usual set up of the Pokemon anime, as Ash has usually had a set number of two partners as he made his way to becoming one of the greatest trainers the world has ever seen. When the franchise originally began, the two gym leaders of Misty and Brock joined his side and for quite some time, followed Ash on his journey with their specializations in water and rock pocket monsters respectively.

Though Ash's partners changed as the anime moved forward, with Misty and Brock leaving to pursue their own journeys, having only one friend on his path is definitely a change of pace for our young Ketchum. Gou, for those who don't know, is also attempting to become one of the greatest Pokemon trainers in the world but with the added caveat of trying to come into contact with the ancient, mysterious pocket monster that is Mew.


Mew, one of the most powerful creatures in the franchise, is a psychic type Pokemon that was the inspiration for the creation of the popular, cloned pocket monster that was Mewtwo. While Mewtwo was much more sinister and had the ability to communicate with humans, its power was still around the same level as his "parent".

Do you agree with trimming down Ash's main supporting cast for the upcoming Pokemon series? Which older character would you add to Ketchum stable if you had to choose? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and Pokemon!