Pokemon Sun and Moon Anime Releases Finale Synopsis, Trailer

【アニポケ 次回予告】ポケットモンスター [...]

The end is nigh for one of Pokemon's beloved anime series. After years on air, Ash and Pikachu are preparing for one last romp in Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon. The latest series will end with episode 146 next week, and fans have learned what the farewell will get into. The first synopsis for "Thank You, All! Respective Departures!!" Has gone live, and it teases the set up for Pokemon's next adventure.

Taking to Twitter, a user known as Arkeus99 shared the translation for Pokemon's recent synopsis. It was there fans learned all about episode 146 and its focus on Ash, Team Rocket, and more.

"Satoshi [Ash] has made a huge decision about his future. However, he hasn't been able to tell the others at the Pokemon School. But then a Pokemon he remembers well appears before him," the synopsis reads.

"Meanwhile the Rocket Gang has been contacted by Headquarters and are troubled by something. And something major happens in regard to Lilie's goal as well! What are the goals each person will walk towards their future?! We've finally reached the final episode of [Pokemon] Sun & Moon!"

As you can see above, there will be a lot going down in this final episode. Ash seems to have come to a decision about his future, and fans know it will involve traveling. After all, the next Pokemon anime did confirm Ash will be traveling around all sorts of regions in this upcoming series.

Aside from Ash, Lilie is getting a proper send off with her big goals update. The same can be said for most of Ash's classmates, so fans are eager to see what this finale can do for them as they pursue their individual goals.

To top things off, a preview was released for the finale which fans can watch above. The sobering clip follows all of your favorites from Pokemon Sun & Moon as they prepare to bid farewell to one another. Some will stay in Alola while others like Ash go out to see the world. There's little doubt the group will reunite someday down the line, but for now, it seems like the time for goodbye has come upon us all until the franchise debuts its next series in November.

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