'Pokemon the Movie 2018' Poster Reveals Lugia, Remake Origins

It looks like the rumors were right. After the release of Pokemon: I Choose You, fans were [...]

It looks like the rumors were right. After the release of Pokemon: I Choose You, fans were convinced the franchise would debut another theatrical remake, and a new poster for Pokemon the Movie: 2018 appears to confirm that's true.

So, if you need a new look at Pokemon the Movie: 2000, you are in lucky. The guys behind the anime are about to bring back Lugia.

Not long ago, the creators at OLM and Pokemon Company shared a new poster for their shared film undertaking. Pokemon the Movie: 2018 is set to debut this July, and its latest visual highlights the beast that is Lugia. The poster, which can be found below, shows off the legendary Pokemon soaring just above the sea.

pokemon the movie
(Photo: OLM)

No new details about the film were given outside of the poster, but the visual gives a soft confirmation of what the movie will be about. Rumors said the 2018 feature would be a remake of Pokemon's second movie which starred Lugia. So, this poster's star brings up some intriguing questions.

Netizens began speculating about the sequel's remake origins shortly after its first teaser went live. The trailer showed Ash Ketchum wearing the same hat he did in Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You, implying the two films were connected. However, its biggest clue came in the form of a poster.

The original key visual for Pokemon the Movie: 2018 featured a girl holding on to a flute. The instrument called back to a famous flute solo included in Pokemon the Movie: 2000, but that's not all. The poster's film logo had some neat font which made some of its Japanese text look like the back of Lugia's head.

If you are not familiar with Pokemon the Movie: 2000, you can always catch up. The movie revealed Lugia to the anime world as the legendary Pokemon helped Ash out after the other legendary birds begin feuding.

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