'Pokemon' Releases Ballad Remix Of Its Original Anime Theme Song

When it comes to Pokemon, its anime theme songs just cannot be beat. The franchise’s original [...]

When it comes to Pokemon, its anime theme songs just cannot be beat. The franchise's original opening has become one of its most recognizable elements, and even English fans have come to love its Japanese track. Now, an official ballad version of the Pokemon theme song is out, and the soothing track will make fans feel all warm inside.

Over on Youtube, the official Pokemon channel shared the swelling ballad with fans to promote an upcoming mini-album. The clip, which can be seen above, features a slowed version of Rica Matsumoto's iconic song.

According to The Pokemon Company, the ballad will be housed on a special mini-album slated to hit this month. "Aiming To Be A Pokemon Master - 20th Anniversary Edition" will be released on November 29 to celebrate the anime's long history. The mini-album will also include the ballad's music video, and its stunning orchestral tracking has got fans feeling rather emotional.

Of course, there are Pokemon fans who are not as familiar with the anime's Japanese opening. English viewers likely encounter Pokemon at first when the anime aired in the US. The English dub of Pokemon had its opening theme performed by Jason Paige, and the track has become a truly iconic one to anime fans young and old. "The Pokemon Theme" was used for the first two seasons of its anime, and Paige's "Gotta Catch Em All" slogan has become an official one for Pokemon since.

If you have not kept up with Pokemon as of late, then you should know the franchise is still flourishing in the anime industry. The series is currently airing Pokemon: Sun and Moon as it follows Ash Ketchum in the Alola region. Disney XD began airing the anime earlier this year, and Pokemon just released its latest film in Japan. The anime also aired its 1000th episode a couple weeks back, and fans from around the world came to Japan to celebrate the milestone moment.

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