These Pokemon Cards Tell a Horrifying Tale for Two Monsters

When it comes to Pokemon cards, fans often find themselves joining the community to marvel at their artwork. The trading card game has employed some of the best artists out there to pen work for decks and booster sets. Of course, that did not change in anyway when the Galar Pokemon began popping up in cards, and fans just noticed two of those new cards tell a terrifying tale.

Over on Twitter, the user meepthemeep_ brought fans' attention to the cards in question. They showed how the Sword and Shield deck deals with Arrokude and Cramorant... and it is not a pretty situation.

You can see if for yourself above. In the Pokemon card to the left, Arrokuda is enjoying a blissful swim in the ocean unaware of the dance above him. As you can see, there is a Cramorant in the background taking a dive, and its beady eyes hone in on Arrokude immediately.

You might think the story ends there, but that is not the case. It carries on in the artwork for Cramorant's card. The blue bird is seen perched on a rock surrounded by water. The monster looks zen with its eyes closed and the Arrokuda in its mouth.

Yes, that is right. We are seeing one of two things play out with these cards. Either Cramorant is about to chow down on a midday snack, or we have seen it go hunting for a Gulp Missile projectile in real time.


After all, Cramorant are known to gulp up Arrokuda. The bird's Gulp Missile is a new one to the franchise as it literally scoops up a fish mid-battle to throw at its opponent. It will sometimes nab a Pikachu instead, but for the most part, Arrokuda is the target in question. But according to the Poke Dex, Cramorant is a gluttonous beast who eats Arrokuda whole whenever possible. So yeah, we'll leave it to you to decide what the bird is doing in this horrifying trading card tale.

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