Pokemon Synopses Tease the Finale of 'Sword and Shield' Arc

Pokemon Journeys has had a very successful run since its debut last year, and it seems things are only going to get better for the series. While fans in the States await new episodes of the series, Pokemon Journeys is moving full speed ahead in Japan with its Sword and Shield arc. Now, a new report is out about the show's upcoming episodes, and it seems the arc will get an explosive finale before long.

A slew of new episode synopses have gone live in Japan, and one netizens known as Dephender (via AnipokeFandom) turned around the summaries in English. The translations cover the anime's next four episodes, but all eyes are on the summary for episode 45 which debuts on November 13.

pokemon journeys
(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

As it turns out, this upcoming episode will mark the finale of the Sword and Shield arc. The episode plans to follow Ash and Goh as they chase down Eternatus following its revival. But as you can guess, the two will run into roadblocks when Chairman Rose and his assistant appear.

"Ash and Goh head for the Legendary Pokemon Eternatus, but Rose blocks Ash's way and his secretary blocks Goh's way, leading to a battle. But as things look grim for them, Ash's Riolu and Goh's Raboot both start to change," the synopsis reads.

The blurb continues to tease the battle Dende (or Leon) has with Eternatus. It seems the Legendary will reach its final form during that battle, and the power boost will leave Ash and Goh stunned. However, the arrival of two familiar Pokemon will turn the tides of battle. Clearly, Zacian and Zamazenta are ready to battle, so Ash will get to fight alongside the Galarian legends before too long.


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