Fans Just Noticed a Big Error on Pokemon's Trading Cards You Might've Missed

When it comes to Pokemon, fans can be a stickler for details. The franchise has a hefty canon which is hard to keep track of, and those details are made harder to track thanks to all of its merchandise. The Pokemon Trading Card game alone is hard to handle, and it turns out one fan noticed something so many have overlooked.

When you turn over a Pokemon card, what do you see? Well, unless you have a special few draws, you will be seeing a Poke Ball that opens the wrong way.

Over on Twitter, a user known as TAHKO shared the little-noticed detail with netizens and has earned thousands of shares for his lesson. As you can see below, the netizen shows why the Pokemon card backs contain an error, and it all comes down to the way they open.

"It’s taken me over 20 years to realize the pokeball on the back of the pokemon trading cards opens up from the wrong side," the fan wrote.

As you can see, the Poke Ball which is seen on the backside of cards opens from the top. The red half of the item hinges upwards with a light shining from the Poke Ball as usual. However, the anime has fairly consistently shown Poke Balls opening from the bottom; The red half of the ball is considered the top, and that is the way most merchandise is made.


Of course, Pokemon went through a phase where it tested how Poke Balls would open, but the brand settled on a method long before now. What fans find rather surprising is that cards are still printed today with the original (and incorrect) Poke Ball on the back. Even new sets like Unified Minds feature the artwork, but that is mostly in the U.S. After all, The Pokemon Company fixed the Poke Ball artwork for cards in Japan during the early 2000s, but the U.S. has yet to get the fix. And if your childhood is a little ruined by this revelation, you can take comfort one fact... You definitely aren't alone in this mind-reeling Pokemon revelation.

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