Pokemon: Twilight Wings Releases DLC Special in English

When it comes to Pokemon, fans have kept an eye on the anime this past year given its all-star run. The series has wowed fans with its weekly series that tracks Ash as he travels around various regions with his new comrade Goh. Aside from the mainline series, the anime also juggled a movie this year, and its limited Twilight Wings miniseries just made a comeback with a very special episode.

Over on Youtube, the official Pokemon channel released the English edition of the new episode. The special went live in Japan late last week, but rumored production delays kept fans stateside waiting a bit longer. But thanks to a bit of effort, it seems the new episode has been released in English.

pokemon twilight wings
(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

You can check out the special above as the episode takes Leon on a journey to new wild areas. The former Champion visits the Isle of Armor to start where he is reunited with his master. Leon whips out Charizard for a match against his master, and their destructive match is called off before they do permanently damage to the dojo.

As the episode continues, fans learn about Leon's desire to overhaul the Pokemon League in Galar after he takes over the organization. He plans to instate the a tournament filled with Galar's top Pokemon stars, and the group gathers in front of a crowd to promote the event. Even Hop shows up, and he is joined by the various gym trainers in Galar.


Of course, this ending comes shortly after Leon pays one more visit. The special follows the former champion as he travels to to the Crown Tundra. It is there fans are shown glimpses of the Galarian Legendary Birds, so there is no telling what Leon got up to whilst traveling the domain!

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