Pokemon: Twilight Wings Confirms Episode 4 Release Date

The main series of Pokemon has seen Ash and his pal Go travelling the world and coming into contact with a number of elements from the Galar Region, but the spin off series of Twilight Wings has dived deeper into the region introduced in Pokemon: Sword And Shield with the series' fourth episode now receiving a confirmed release date! The next episode of the anime will feature Nessa, the water type trainer of Sword And Shield, who gave players on the Nintendo Switch a tough time in earning a new badge in an attempt to become the champion of Galar!

In the last three episodes of Pokemon: Twilight Wings, fans have explored several different characters and landscapes within the region of Galar. With each episode being around ten minutes long, the installments give fans the opportunity to learn more about how Galar thrives as well as learning more about the Pokemon trainers that fans grew to know in the Nintendo Switch exclusive video game. With trainer Bea taking us through her travels within the Wild Area, it will be interesting to see what adventures we'll share with Nessa!

Serebii.Net shared the revelation that Pokemon: Twilight Wings Episode Four will be premiering shortly for pocket monster fans, with the newest installment dropping on April 17th and further giving fans an in-depth look into the inner workings of the Galar Region:

The Galar Region has been playing a giant role in the main series as a big battle is being foreshadowed between Ash Ketchum and the current champion introduced in Pokemon: Sword And Shield in Leon. Though Leon has already appeared in the main series and had a cameo in Pokemon: Twilight Wings, it will be interesting to see how the Charizard wielding trainer takes on Ash and his ever expanding powerful roster!


When we last saw an episode focused on one of the gym leaders of Galar, Bea was attempting to overcome her previous defeat by training both her pocket monsters and her body in the harsh environment of the Galar Region. It will certainly be worthwhile to see if Nessa is going through the same sort of training and what adventures she has in store for her episode of Pokemon: Twilight Wings!

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