Promare Returning to U.S. Theaters Next Month with New Content

Studio Trigger exploded onto the scene with the studio's first feature film effort Promare. The film was a major hit with fans upon its debut, and was such a bigger deal when GKIDS brought it to United States theaters that it eventually opened up even more theatrical dates. Now the film is heading to home video this May, but surprisingly, GKIDS will soon be giving fans the chance to check out the film in theaters one last time before it hits store shelves with a new set of screenings in April.

Following a special countdown that got fans thinking about Promare all over again, GKIDS announced that they will be bringing the special "complete" edition of Promare to the United States with an English subtitled screening on April 7th and English dubbed screening of the film on April 8th. But there will be a little more incentive to check it out in theaters again!

Along with a special message from director Hiroyuki Imaishi, fans will be treated to the special prequel shorts "Side: Lio" and "Side: Galo." These shorts were released alongside screenings of the film in Japan that had fans entering a special code in a different website, but this new limited screening will feature all of these specials at once. But for those who can't make the screening, the special prequels and Imaishi message will also be available with the home video release of the film.

We here at enjoyed Promare, and said the following about the film in our official spoiler-free review of the film (which you can find at the link here), "While things do build up in a way fans have come to love from [Studio Trigger's] past anime productions, the climax of the film somehow exceeds any expectations one might have. In fact, that's just Promare in a nutshell. Constantly upstaging itself with each new scene, each performance, and twists and turns in the plot, ensuring Promare is going to go down as one of Studio Trigger's finest projects, if not its best."


Are you excited for Promare to come to theaters one more time? Will you be making your way to this limited screening before the home video release? Are you planning to check it out on Blu-ray, Digital, or DVD? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!