Radiant Season 2 Announces New Cast Members, Theme Songs

Radiant's first season might not have been the biggest release of 2018, but the series has [...]

Radiant's first season might not have been the biggest release of 2018, but the series has definitely found a core following that are greatly anticipating the premiere of the second season as part of the Fall anime season. It's one of the major series making their comeback, and its magical world is about to expand even further with whole new batches of characters. The series has also revealed the new theme songs for the second season, too! The new opening theme for the series is titled "Naruku" as performed by Halo at Yojohan, and the new ending theme is titled "Chitto mo Shiranakatta" will be performed by Emi Nakamura.

New characters and cast members have been announced for the second season and include Yukana as Queen Boudica, Hiroshi Shirokuma as Brangoire, and Yutaka Aoyama as Lord Gyuris. They'll be joining previously announced new cast additions Haruki Ishiya as Mordred and Kentaro Kumagai as Sagramore.

Scheduled to premiere October 2nd in Japan, Crunchyroll and FunimationNOW have both confirmed that they will be streaming the second season for fans outside of Japan. The second season will be running for 21 episodes much like the first, and will feature returning staff and voice cast from the first season too.

Directed by Seiji Kishi for Studio Lerche, Radiant's second season also features the returning Daisei Fukuoka as series director, Makoto Uezu to oversee the series scripts, Nozomi Kawano as character designer, and Masato Koda as composer. The first season of the anime premiered last October, and you can currently find it streaming on Crunchyroll and FunimationNOW with an English dub.

Originally created by Tony Valente, the groundbreaking French manfra Radiant has been licensed by Viz Media for an English language releasem and the series is officially described as such, "Seth is an aspiring sorcerer from the Pompo Hills area. Like all wizards, he is an 'infected,' one of the few living beings who survived the contact of the Nemesis—creatures fallen from the sky that contaminate and decimate all those they touch. Being immune to them, Seth wants to become a Hunter and fight the Nemesis. But more than that, Seth wants to engage in a quest that goes beyond the simple hunt for monsters. He wants to find the Radiant, their presumed cradle. Aided by a faction of fellow sorcerers, he travels the world in search of the Radiant, under the harsh scrutiny of the Inquisition."

via NHK