Re:Zero Season 2 Confirms Episode Order

It has been a long time coming, but Re:Zero is coming back with a second season. The show will go [...]

It has been a long time coming, but Re:Zero is coming back with a second season. The show will go live this year thanks to all the support fans gave the anime. As the series approaches its release, more details about season two are going live, and a brand-new report confirms Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World will have a solid 25 episodes to share this time around.

The report comes from Twitter by the user Spytrue, a well-known anime influencer amongst the fandom. Few details were given about the episode order, but the post did say Re:Zero is currently listed for 25 episodes. Traditionally, episode order details are made public when an anime's production company announces their home video plans. A 25-episode season could be split over several volumes, but fans are happy enough knowing Re:Zero won't be skimping on them this season.

If that is all of these details are correct, it seems Re:Zero will stick around for a two-cour run. Or rather, the show will air from April through September. Clearly, that will give fans plenty of time to get reacquainted with Re:Zero and all its characters have to offer.

For fans who have been waiting for this comeback, you can rest assured the Re:Zero team is just as anxious to bring Rem and Emilia back. Not long ago, the series welcomed an OVA titled Memory Snow, and it has since been added to Crunchyroll's catalog. The team has also edited a special catch-up episode for Re:Zero which will remind audiences of what they need to remember from season one. That isn't even to mention Re:Zero's involvement with Isekai Quartet which became a hit upon release. Despite the show's solo hiatus, Re:Zero has carried on since season one, and its fanbase has grown even larger.

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