Manga Service Azuki Shares Opening info Including Launch Titles

When it comes to manga, sales are shooting through the roof globally as more and more readers [...]

When it comes to manga, sales are shooting through the roof globally as more and more readers embrace the medium. From shonen to shojo, there is a genre of manga for everyone, and the demand for those series is growing daily. That is why a new service is launching to help bring more digital manga to folks, so you will want to remember the name Azuki.

Not long ago, readers were introduced to an upcoming manga service that works similar to Netflix. Azuki is the name of the app which will allow readers to take in all the digital manga they want for a monthly fee. The paid membership will run about $5 per month to start, and it will be available on PC, Android, and iOS.

The app itself is set to launch on June 28, so it will be here before long. Azuki plans to negotiate additional manga licenses once it launches, but it will have a sizable library to start. A slew of series from Kodansha will be available on day one, so readers can check out the English translations ASAP.

"We'll have over 170 series from Kodansha when Azuki launches on June 28. Read Fire Force, Attack on Titan, Your Lie in April, and much, much more," Azuki shared with fans recently. "Plus: 16 simulpub series with brand-new chapters released as they come out in Japan. Stay up to date on To Your Eternity, A Sign of Affection, EDENS ZERO, and more!"

Azuki will be available globally outside of Japan, so this all-you-can-read service will be a treat for millions. It directly competes with services like Viz Media's Shonen Jump Vault that is only open to readers in North America. Manga Plus is also available globally barring some Asian markets, but its buy-in price is much higher than what Azuki is selling. So if this service works out, it might become easier than ever to read up on your favorite manga!