'Ready Player One's New Trailer Has Tons Of Anime Easter Eggs

Ready Player One is set to enter theaters next spring, and the massive film just dropped a new trailer for fans. The big reveal dies deep into the world of OASIS, a virtual reality simulator where humanity lives to escape its hellish present. And, thanks to the movie's new footage, fans know a few anime easter eggs have made it into the film.

If you slowed down Ready Player One's new trailer, you surely noticed a few major easter eggs in the clip. The Iron Giant and Back to the Future were some of the clip's most notable add-ins, but otaku culture also made its way into the trailer.

Towards the reel's end, anime fans were left stunned when a very large Gundam was shown in-action. Ready Player One was able to borrow from the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise to borrow RX-78. The iconic suit is used in the book itself during a large mecha battle, and it seems Warner Bros. Pictures was able to secure the robot from Sunrise.

Sadly, there were no Evangelion mechas spotted in the trailer, but fans are still holding out hope. Ready Player One's mecha battle sees several of that franchise's robots go to war, but there has been no word from Gainax about it lending its rights out.

Gundam is not the only anime easter egg fans found in this new trailer. The reel was not shy about showing off its nod to Akira. The iconic franchise will blend into Ready Player One as its protagonist Wade Watts rides a familiar looking motorcycle. Shotaro Kaneda's iconic red wheels are leant to the gamer as Wade rides it in several shots in this new clip.

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