Resident Evil 4 Promo Gives the Horror Series an Anime Makeover

If you haven't heard, Resident Evil is back in the headlines, and we have the team at Capcom to thank. The hit horror series returned to fans this month with a new remake, and Resident Evil 4 has earned nothing short of love since making its way back to consoles. Now, Capcom is celebrating remake with a special miniseries, and the show is giving Leon Kennedy the anime makeover of our dreams.

In partnership with Nippon Animation, Resident Evil 4 has kickstarted its own web anime. The short series is titled Resident Evil Masterpiece Theater, and its first episode checks on Leon as he explores a mysterious village. And of course, he is joined by Ashley Graham and an adorable doggie.

As you can see, "Leon and the Mysterious Village" is super cute, and its aesthetic is a far cry from what we're used to in Resident Evil. The horror game is known for all its gore and blood, after all. Resident Evil 4 leans into that imagery now more than ever thanks to its impressive remake. From shadowy hallways to blood-splattered ghost towns, Resident Evil has mastered the art of creeping fans out. But when it comes to this Nippon Animation project, Resident Evil is nothing short of lively and bright.

If you are not familiar with Resident Evil 4, you should know the original game was released by Capcom back in 2005. The series went on to win numerous awards during its early 2000s run, so no one was surprised to see Capcom tackle the game once more through its Resident Evil remakes. With high scores across Metacritic, Resident Evil 4 is already a hit with fans of the iconic franchise. So for those wanting more details on Resident Evil 4, you can read its official synopsis below:

"Resident Evil 4 joins Leon S. Kennedy six years after his hellish experiences in the biological disaster of Raccoon City. His unmatched resolve caused him to be recruited as an agent reporting directly to the president of the United States. With the experience of multiple missions on his back, Leon is dispatched to rescue the president's recently kidnapped daughter. Leon tracks her to a secluded European village, however, after making first contact he discovers a fervor beyond reason grips the local populace."

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