Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness Releases Opening Clip

If you have been keeping up with Resident Evil, then you know the series is living its best life right now. Not only did the video game franchise bring out its eighth installment this year, but it is getting a full movie shortly. The CG anime feature is heading to Netflix this year, and fans just got a look at its opening scene as well as a trailer. The video will be available once Netflix's Geeked Week ends today's live stream, so be sure to check out the replay which we've embedded further down!

As you can see below, the opening scene is a tense one that checks in on a military operation. A group of soldiers find themselves on a helicopter as they watch one of their comrades go down. From an undisclosed headquarters, fans can watch a militia check in on the downed helicopter, but several rogue soldiers refuse to leave their allies behind.

The clip continues to show the desperate situation as it unfolds. The soldiers hit the ground with guns blazing, but they are not alone. Despite trying to save the downed soldiers, our new heroes are overtaken by hostiles, and these militia fighters end the clip with a giant grenade blast.

As you can imagine, you Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness is going to be a wild ride, and this clip proves as much. If you did not know, the movie will bring Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield back into action, and it seems the White House is at the top of this latest conspiracy. And whenever zombies can be found - well, you know the Umbrella Corporation will not be far away.

What do you think of this opening scene? Will you be watching Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.