Rick and Morty Fan Fights Pandemic with New Cosplay

Rick and Morty is back on its game thanks to season five, and fans are eager to see how the rest of the comeback goes. With a few episodes left to go before the season ends, Rick and Morty is helping netizens take their mind of the world around them. And thanks to one cosplayer, Rick Sanchez is doing his best to fight back against the pandemic.

As you can see below, the piece comes from valerio_totoro. It was there the cosplayer gave their take on Rick and Morty ahead of this week's next episode. In this world, Rick moves on from his anime-inspired mission with Morty to another, and this one is meant to show COVID-19 out the door.

The cosplay hones in on Rick as he wears his usual white coat and blue shirt with loose slacks, but he has some odd accessories. For one, the scientist is wearing a Rick and Morty face mask, and there is an augmented temperature gun in his hand. As for his other hand, he is seen gripping a bottle of hand sanitizer. And to be honest, Rick looks more threatening with the hand sanitizer than he does the gun.

As you can see, Rick looks ready to show the pandemic the door, and nothing would please fans more. The global threat of COVID-19 is still very real, and the United States is dealing with local surges in areas with low vaccination. But if Rick were tasked with defeating the pandemic, well - he might have some luck doing that. It just depends on how far Morty would let him go.

For anyone wanting more Rick and Morty cosplay, you can check out valerio_totoro on Instagram here. You can also catch the Adult Swim comedy every Sunday on Cartoon Network.


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