Rick And Morty Reveals An October Surprise in Halloween Special

Rick And Morty might not be playing new episodes until later in November, but that isn't stopping the Adult Swim juggernaut from releasing a new spooky short to help in celebrating the Halloween season. Following several Claymation shorts that spoofed both horror movies and Hollywood blockbusters alike, the upcoming short will once again be created by animator Lee Hardcastle and has announced a release date along with a description of what Adult Swim fans can expect when the special arrives.      

Hardcastle's numerous Rick And Morty shorts didn't just focus on spoofing horror movies, including such staples as The Thing, The Fly, Halloween, Poltergeist, Re-Animator, and Gremlins, but it also took swings at other Hollywood blockbusters including Honey, I Shrunk The Kids, Blade Runner, E.T., The Matrix, and more. There has yet to be an official "Halloween episode" of the main series, but this will come as a welcome surprise to those who enjoy the fresh Claymation takes on the major characters of the Adult Swim series. While each of these shorts would span several seconds, it would seem that Hardcastle's upcoming special might be much longer in overall run time.

Described as "Summer's Sleepover", the official description for the Halloween short from Rick And Morty reads as such:

"An unexpected guest livens up Summer's sleepover party in this trippy horror short from Claymation filmmaker Lee Hardcastle."

While Hardcastle might be most known for his work on these unique Adult Swim shorts, the animator hit the scene via the anthology film, The ABCs of Death, along with a spoof on John Carpenter's The Thing that saw the alien entity crossing over with the adorable world of Pingu. 

For those waiting for the next new episode of Rick And Morty, the animated series will return to Adult Swim on Sunday, November 20th, meaning that Cartoon Network viewers will be waiting a few more weeks before season six once again airs new episodes. Needless to say, if you aren't caught up on the latest Smith Family adventures, you have some time to do so.

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