Rick and Morty Co-Creator Explains How They Tied Everyone's Original Universes Together

Rick and Morty is now diving deeper into its new version of the multiverse with Season 6 of the series, and one of the creators behind it all has opened up about how the team actually keeps track of the central duo's main universes of origin as everything continues to expand! The first episode of the sixth season picked up from all of the promise in the Season 5 finale and further fleshed out more of the secrets of Rick's origin story. All of this involved a sudden return to everyone's original universes, and it led to quite a few surprises in how they were all connected to one another in some way.

By sending Rick, Morty, and Jerry back to the original universes following a portal fluid rebooting mishap, fans got to see just how connected Rick C-137 and Morty actually are as it put a whole new perspective on their relationship. It was such a web of reveals that there was a question as to how the team actually put it all together, and as Rick and Morty series co-creator Dan Harmon explains, keeping track of all the original universes of origin and other multiverse shenanigans are kept track of by all the writers rather than one person keeping track of it all. 

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Speaking with Variety about all of the multiverse reveals in Rick and Morty's Season 6 premiere, Harmon revealed that the team actually figured out the connection between the Cronenberg universe and Rick Prime "very late" in the writing process of it, "Well, a lot of times I'm very much at the mercy of younger writers who are actually fans of the show, and I trust them to keep track better than I can," Harmon began. "But we'll have lots of confusing conversations and it was very late in the game when I realized, oh, based on the conversation we're having right now, it almost sounds like Cronenberg World may, in fact, have been the home of the Original Rick that we're talking about, which means that he's actually Morty's grandfather."

As Harmon explained further, the team was "good halfway through writing this story" when it clicked for Harmon, but he als noted that "it's a committee thing keeping track of this stuff" and the co-creator "wouldn't trust one person" to keep track of all the twists and turns. As the series continues getting even bigger following the many reveals in Season 6's premiere, there are likely going to be even more universes, origins, and more to keep track of! 

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