Rick and Morty Shows Off Bird Person Fight in Hilarious Clip

One of the funniest and most surprising aspects of Rick and Morty's Season 4 finale was the fight [...]

One of the funniest and most surprising aspects of Rick and Morty's Season 4 finale was the fight between Rick and the returned Bird Person (aka Phoenix Person). After neglecting to reference it throughout the rest of the season, Rick and Morty suddenly revisited the hanging Galactic Federation plot thread from the previous three seasons in the finale. This meant that a "new and improved" version of the Federation now exists, and headed to Earth to not only take out Clone Beth but Rick and the rest of the Smith family in the process.

As the fight between the two sides began to take off, Rick ends up fighting Phoenix Person. Adult Swim has shared a clip from the finale that sees the start of the fight as Phoenix Person not only realizes that Tammy has died, but Rick figures out that he's going to have to fight against one of his former best friends.

The fight between the two falls in line with the other well choreographed fights in the rest of the season, and also falls in line with Rick's track record at this point. Rick lost a lot of his fights this past season, and while he was able to walk away with his life the Rick in the fourth season has clearly been worn down by all the other seasons so far.

Rick and Morty Season 4 Phoenix Person
(Photo: Adult Swim)

The team behind the series clearly went all out for the fight as well as it ranges several different gadgets, angles, and even has a few X-ray shots to further emphasize just how much damage they are dealing to one another. Ultimately, Rick is the victor in this fight as he and the Smith family work together to take down the new Galactic Federation.

Now that Rick and Morty has settled this plot during the Season 4 finale, there are a few remaining lingering plot threads that fans would love to see returned to in very much the same way some day. There is currently no way to tell when the fifth season of the series will finally make its debut, but fans will be keeping an eagle-eye out for that eventual premiere.

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