Rick and Morty Releases 'Don't Look Back' Music Video

Rick and Morty's season finale debuted an emotional new track in its final moments, and Adult Swim has released an official video for that single, "Don't Look Back." Rick and Morty's fourth season started out in an innocuous way as the animated series returned to its wacky science fiction adventures. Ever since it came back for the final five episodes of the season last month, however, Season 4 of the series has been fairly introspective in terms of not only the characters themselves but the format of the entire series as a whole.

Seemingly making up for lost time, the Season 4 finale featured a major surprise conflict with a "new and improved" Galactic Federation alongside the return of some key characters such as "Clone Beth," who was first introduced at the end of the third season. But it's here where the track debuts.

When Rick plays out a memory he had removed about Beth's decision, Rick discovers that Beth indeed did not make a final decision in terms of whether or not she would clone herself and escape from her usual family life. She instead puts this huge decision in her father's hands, and it's with this reveal here that the emotional impact of "Don't Look Back" kicks in.

Rick and Morty Don't Look Back Music Video
(Photo: Adult Swim)

Written by Ryan Elder & Kotomi with featured vocals from Kotomi, "Don't Look Back" really goes for the gut as Rick realizes his own problems. Like as seen in the first few seconds of the music video, Rick wasn't brave enough to make a decision himself and instead left it up to chance whether or not the Beth he's been living with was the real one.


Much like other emotional ending stings of the series past, this moment shows more of the darker side of Rick's self-loathing. Season 4 saw him continue to push others away and ridicule even his last relationship with Morty, but at the same time, also saw him growing closer to Beth in a few important scenes.

It all comes to fruition with this unique song bringing out the fourth season, and now fans are wondering what exactly is to come from the next. What did you think of Rick and Morty's Season 4 finale? How does this musical moment compare to other musical moments of series' past? How do you think the series will approach Rick's character growth next season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!