Rick and Morty Releases New Samurai & Shogun Anime: Watch

Rick and Morty has released a new Samurai & Shogun anime short as part of the Adult Swim Festival this year! While Adult Swim has previously experimented with Rick and Morty in past as they worked with creator Lee Hardcastle to imagine the titular duo in a series of famous movies, but beginning last Spring, Adult Swim began collaborating with notable anime creators for fully fleshed out anime shorts featuring the duo from Japan. This all kicked off with a samurai influenced short dubbed "Samurai & Shogun," and now Adult Swim has gone all the way back to the beginning for its newest anime. 

The first anime short fans had gotten for Rick and Morty was Samurai & Shogun, and the newest anime released as part of the Adult Swim Festival 2021 returns to this world and concept for "Samurai & Shogun" 2 as it places the titular duo back in their version of old era Japan. Just as with the first one, this newest short has shown off just how well the Rick and Morty franchise works with an idea like this. You can check out the bloody new Samurai & Shogun 2 short below from Adult Swim's official YouTube: 

If you wanted to scratch your itch for more of the franchise, the first four seasons of Rick and Morty are now streaming on HBO Max (with the fifth has yet to set a streaming release date). There has yet to be any word on when the next season (which is currently in the works alongside Season 7) will be making its big debut with Adult Swim. In the meantime, there are several shorts that are now available to check out that give the series the same dose of anime flavor as this newest short. 

Here's the current collection of anime shorts if you wanted to see them for yourself and see just how many animated worlds fans have been introduced to thus far: 

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