Rick and Morty Preview Teases an Awkward Family Vacation

Rick and Morty continues its fourth season next week, and the preview for the episode teases an awkward family vacation. After returning for the final half of Season 4 a couple of weeks ago with a meta story that completely tore down the fabric of the series, each episode since has seen a return to the "normal" adventures of past seasons. It's been a bit different this time around, however, as each one has had just a little bit more of a cynical edge than before. But now the fourth season will finally be bringing the entire family.

Season 4 has not had many scenes with the entire Smith household dealing with the same problem, but Episode 9 teases that will change with the preview for "Childrick of Mort." The preview sees the Smith family taking a vacation that goes south as quickly as one would expect from such a dysfunctional group like this.

The latest batch of episodes have seen more of a focus on Rick and Morty's dynamic as they begin to grow tired with one another, but one of the best aspects of previous seasons have involved the entire Smith family. They have been growing tired of one another in very much the same way, and now it seems like the focus will be on that for the next episode.

As they stumble across some kind of space oddity, Beth wants to get involved for some reason that's most likely fueled by her need to exert some kind of control over her life. This leads her to lashing out at Jerry once more, so the next episode will most likely have much of the same kind of cynical family comedy that previous seasons of the series excelled at. With the way the previous episodes have been breaking down Rick and Morty themselves, Episode 9 will most likely have much of the same kind of break down that we can look forward to.

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