Rick and Morty Parody Star Wars, Pull a Pearl Harbor, and Get Sweet Anime Mechs in New Episode

Rick and Morty's fourth season finally came back with a vengeance last week and already started confusing fans with how much it's willing to completely implode itself from week to week. Although it seemed like the series would be having a hard time returning to its normal adventures following such a meta episode, but with Episode 7 of the series' it's clear that the adventures are going to definitely keep going strong with each week. "Promortyous" not only opens with a parody of the Alien franchise, but then takes jabs at Star Wars, references September 11th, Pearl Harbor, and even anime transformation sequences.

Episode 7 of the series sees Rick and Morty wake up from spending some time being taken over by a race of parasitic beings known as "Glorzo." Then it kind of goes wild from there. Here's a breakdown of some of the wild stuff that takes place:

  • Rick and Morty reference the Alien franchise by noting how the face huggers attached to them after looking at a "wet egg."
  • As the two attempt to escape from them, they reference Star Wars by noting how they rarely take pause in their destructive actions. With Morty then shooting a blaster while saying "Yeehaw."
  • They continue to fly before pausing at two tall pillars. Looking at one another, the two fly in between the two pillars and congratulate themselves from not causing another version of the September 11th attack from happening -- before deciding it was okay to cause another version of Pearl Harbor to happen.
  • When they're cornered, Rick and Morty then use a transformation sequence to suit themselves up in mecha samurai suits. They soon escape thanks to the help from the suits, but then figure out they have to come back because of Summer! Rick mentions how he never attempts sequels because he has more pride in himself than that, but they need to save Summer!
  • Finding Summer, they see that she's being worshipped as a queen. She explains that she actually went along with them on the trip, but they were taken over by Glorzo. She's able to survive thanks to a toothpick habit she picks up, and reveals that she's worked her way there by helping the Glorzo organize their society!

These were just a few samples of the kind of wildness Rick and Morty proves that Season 4 is still going to get into. There's a story here being told like many episodes, but still has that lovable meta edge. But what did you think of Rick and Morty's latest episode? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!