New Sand Land Poster Hypes Akira Toriyama's Next Movie

Akira Toriyama might be best known for the Dragon Ball franchise, which remains one of the biggest anime stories of all time, but Goku and the Z-Fighters aren't the only characters that the mangaka has created. Sand Land first arrived in the year 2000, following the story of a demonic son entering the world of man. With the movie slated to arrive in Japanese theaters this August, a new poster has arrived that assembles both the twisted heroes and villains that populate the upcoming offering from Bandai Namco Filmworks. 

It makes sense that the upcoming Akira Toriyama anime adaptation would arrive as a movie instead of a television series. When the manga first debuted decades ago, it only released one volume, meaning there wasn't too much material focusing on the character known as Beelzebub. It's unlikely that Sand Land will ever have as much impact on the world as Dragon Ball, but that is an exceptionally high bar to attempt to clear. While the movie has yet to gain a North American release, it wouldn't be a surprise if the film does arrive in the West eventually. 

Sand Land Poster

(Photo: Bandai Namco)

In a recent interview, Toriyama revealed that he considered Sand Land, at one time, to be his final work, long before Goku and his friends returned in the sequel series known as Dragon Ball Super, "After Dragon Ball ended, I experimented with various short works and one-shots, then tried to put all I had into drawing what I figured would be my final work. This was 'Sand Land. Thinking about it now, I'm surprised I managed to draw a weekly serialization all by myself without any assistants, even if it was only for a single comic volume's worth."

Toriyama then continued, "I drew this putting my own likes at the forefront, so anyone who says they enjoy this is a super-fan who really gets me! Something like that, I guess. The images I've seen still had many unfinished parts, but I never expected this to get a visual adaptation after over 20 years, so this kind of quality is like a dream come true."

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