Shin Godzilla Deleted Scene Shows Off a Monstrous New Move

When it comes to Godzilla, fans have their favorite monsters and moves on lock. The franchise puts a heavy focus on the King of the Monsters, and Godzilla has gone through a lot of various designs. One of his most recent versions went live in Shin Godzilla, and a newly surfaced deleted scene has fans bemoaning the loss of a very unique attack.

The scene in question hit up Twitter as AnnoCinema posted its rough cut. The page, which is dedicated to combing through Hideaki Anno works, wanted to share one of Shin Godzilla's cut scene. It turns out the team behind Godzilla wanted to give the King of the Monsters a special jump attack.

You can check out a rough cut of the deleted scene above. The animation cut isn't finished by any means, but it showcases the basics of this new move. Shin Godzilla is shown throwing out a beam of atomic breath while in the middle of Tokyo. That move is devastating enough as is, but things get worse when Godzilla uses his tail to propel him into a jump spin.

Obviously, this kind of move is a wild one, and you can imagine what kind of power it requires. Godzilla is quite the beast, and he weighs a lot. There is no telling how powerful his tail must be to push forward this technique. Ultimately, it was cut before Shin Godzilla went live. The scene was cut after reaching the final draft of Shin Godzilla, and it was meant to take place during Operation Yashiori. Now, fans can only imagine how the climactic battle would have gone with this spinning move, but fans have their fingers crossed it will show up in a future kaiju clash!

What do you think about this deleted scene? Should it have made it into the movie? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.