Japan's Massive Godzilla Statue Is Coming Together Nicely Ahead of Debut

The "Walking Gundam" is scoring a lot of headlines as the statue is readying to take its first steps, but another statue is also looking to hit the scene big time as the Godzilla Museum is currently working on a life sized recreation of one of the scariest interpretations of the lizard king in Shin Godzilla! The Godzilla Museum will give fans the opportunity to relive some of the biggest moments in the history of the creature created by Toho Studios who is far and away the most popular kaiju in the history of giant monsters on the silver screen!

Shin Godzilla was a brand new take on the mythos of Godzilla, introducing a terrifying new take on the classic beast in the 2016 film. First hitting land fall as an almost adorable slug like creature, Godzilla eventually found itself evolving into the other worldly form of the giant beast. The film explored the idea of bureaucracy as Japan reeled in attempting to figure out the best way to handle the threat of Shin Godzilla, eventually managing to overtake the kaiju. Though a new film featuring this version of Godzilla has yet to make a return on the big screen, it recently made waves as a result of the crossover with Neon Genesis Evangelion as an attraction at Universal Studios Japan!

Twitter Users present in Japan took photos of the creation of the statue that will be a big part of the Godzilla museum, with fans seemingly having the ability to zip line into the kaiju's mouth in order to see more of the museum and learn more about the history of Toho Studios' most popular creation:


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