Shrek Takes The Number One Spot For Anime At Amazon

Amazon allows you to buy physical and digital copies of countless anime series and films, but the [...]

Amazon allows you to buy physical and digital copies of countless anime series and films, but the current number one spot has fallen to an unexpected contender in Shrek. The story of a swamp residing ogre coming into contact with a smart-mouthed donkey, played by Michael Myers and Eddie Murphy respectively, garnering three sequels following the smash success of the first film in 2001. Though there have been rumors of a reboot arriving in the future, there hasn't been any news recently as the years have passed and we've ventured further from the light that is Shrek.

Shrek as a franchise has found a new light in recent years on the internet, with the disgruntled green goliath receiving a large number of memes across the board from fans and bystanders alike. With the story taking place in a fairy tale world in which Shrek attempts to break off the chains of expectations from the population that believes him to be little else other than a terrifying monster, he eventually comes into contact with Fiona, a princess who eventually finds herself becoming the perfect partner to the ogre as she becomes an ogre herself. The films would follow Shrek finding acceptance and eventually starting a family, with the final film of the franchise, for now, being Shrek Forever After.

Twitter User Wario64 discovered the hilarious mix-up in which the 4K release for the angry ogre had seemingly been listed as the number one physical seller for anime on the popular retailer, Amazon, leaving many scratching their heads as to how this 2001 release had gained this honor:

Shrek was an empire during its highest days, with numerous television specials, short films, and spin-off movies, like Puss In Boots, filling the media landscape. Though his movie career might be over as it stands with the reboot's status currently up in the air, though Eddie Murphy did state that the cast would be returning for the fifth film, it's clear that the ogre will continue to have a long life on the internet, being used in various memes for some time to come.

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