The 'Spice and Wolf' Manga is Coming To An End

Fans of Spice and Wolf have been enjoying the series for the last decade, but they will have to enjoy it while it lasts.

After ten years of production, Keito Koume's manga adaptation of the Spice and Wolf light novel series is coming to end in the December 27 issue of Kadokawa's Dengeki Maoh magazine. The series will end at an appropriate 100 chapters, and six years after the light novel series had ended.

For those wanting more Spice and Wolf, original light novel creator Isuna Hasekawa has started publishing a sequel series titled Shinsetsu Okami to Koshinryo Okami to Yoshiki (which roughly translates to Spice and Wolf New Theory: Parchment and Wolf) in April last year, and Yen Press has released the first volume in English in the West.

For those unfamiliar with Spice and Wolf, the series was created by Isuna Hasekura. The story follows Kraft Lawrence, a traveling merchant who sells goods in order to survive in a fantasy world with European influences. He wants to make enough money to own his own shop, and had been traveling for years at the start of the series. One night he finds a mysterious girl with ears and a tail. She reveals herself to be a wolf spirit named Holo who has been serving as the goddess of harvest for a small town for 600 years. Asking Kraft to take her with him so she can see the world, Kraft begrudgingly agrees as her wisdom provides good insight into commerce.

Spice and Wolf originally started life as a light novel series with illustrations provided by Ju Ayakura. ASCII Media Works has published 19 novels since 2006 under Dengeki Bunko, and Yen Press licensed the English language release of the novels in North America. Over 2.2 million copies of the first nine novels have been sold in Japan.

A manga adaptation started its run in 2007 in Dengeki Maoh magazine with illustrations provided by Keito Koume. Yen Press has also licensed the manga for an English language release, and Imagin adapted the series into an anime in 2008. The English language release was licensed by Kadokawa Pictures and Funimation, and ran for 24 episodes between two seasons from 2008 to 2009. The series is often known for its focus on the world of commerce, market, and trade rather than typical tropes of its fantasy settings.

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via Anime Mojo