Studio Ghibli Producer Shares a Delicious Secret Its Iconic Food

Studio Ghibli is known for its collection of top-tier films, and some of its best movies have sparked well-known memes online. In fact, the vast majority of movies done by Hayao Miyazaki are praised for their whimsical aesthetic, but their depiction of food takes the cake. After all, the studio puts serious effort into making its on-screen meals look delicious, and a new fact has gone live about the dishes.

The information comes straight from the top thanks to producer Toshio Suzuki. The man helped co-found Studio Ghibli decades ago and has helped oversee its film library. During a recent Twitter Q&A, Suzuki answered a bunch of fan questions, and he revealed something very interesting about Studio Ghibli's food choices.

studio ghibli food
(Photo: Studio Ghibli)

As it turns out, the secret to Studio Ghibli making its food look yummy has nothing to do with making viewers hungry. It is all thanks to director Miyazaki. All of the dishes in his films were added after the filmmaker cooked them himself. So if you have a favorite dish in Spirited Away, well - it only made the final cut once Miyazaki made the food in his kitchen.

This fun fact gives new insight into Studio Ghibli's famous dishes while showing a special side of Miyazaki. The director is notorious for detail, so it makes sense for him to cook each dish before it is added to his film. By cooking the meal, Miyazaki learns exactly how the ingredients move and change as the dish moves along, so that is why Studio Ghibli nails its shots. Now, our only question is whether Miyazaki's dishes tasted as good as they look on screen...!

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